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Web Services

Payment Protection

Tired of payment fraud?
Need "polygamy" buyers to trust you?
Then you need the
TruthBearer Payment Protection System

If you
* have an on-topic "polygamy" web-site
* have it web-hosted with,
* offer intangible polygamy-related services online,
* would benefit from TruthBearer's credibility
* and qualify
you may also be able to use the
TruthBearer Payment Protection System ™.

This exclusive system protects you from fraudulent "chargebacks" when you sell intangible online services to "polygamy" buyers.

"Bad Apples" will not be able to fraud your site.
Because polygamy is a controversial topic, there are still "bad apples" out there who will deliberately fraud a "polygamy" web-site.'s system protects you from that fraud.

"Polygamy" Customers will be able to trust making payment to you.
Good people willing to order from a "polygamy" web-site want (and need) to be sure that their money is going to a site that is genuine, pro-polygamy, and represents a good/compassionate form of polygamy. When buyers see the "TruthBearer" name as part of the payment system, they will then have 100% confidence that the payment is indeed being directed to a good and right "polygamy" web-site.

If you fulfill (or would like to fulfill) the above qualifications, and if you want to both protect your payment processing and assure your "polygamy" customers with the credibility of the respected "TruthBearer" name, then contact today to begin the process!

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