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Web Services

Web Hosting

It's one thing to have a simple web-hosting server, capable of mere static ".html" files. But it's another to enter the 21st Century of web-hosting with dynamic capabililties! Using a modern platform of either Windows or UNIX (Linux) servers, provides such dynamic, modern web-hosting --- and does so at a monthly rate lower than many simple static-only web-hosting servers, too!

Having your web-site hosted with means that your web-site has the following capabilities: round-the-clock FTP access, FrontPage 98/2000/2002, protected directory, 404 Error pages, PHP4, PERL-CGI, and more, even including SSL and SSI also!

Exclusively on Windows servers:
* MS Access database (from your Office package)
* ActivePerl
* Special WebDesign goodies from

Exclusively on UNIX (Linux) servers:

* Control Panel
* MySQL database
* Email controls
* Free Subdomains
* Free Shopping carts
* A selection of other free goodies

As part of the web-hosting services here, also provides your web-site with your own direct-access POP3 email-account in your own web-site's domain name. (Aliases and Email Forwarding are also available to be set with the email account.) If you have not had your own email address in your own web-site's domain name, then never again will you or your web-site appear as "unprofessional" by using a free email address such as or Indeed, makes it both easy and professional-appearing for you!

Not only all that, but provides all such modern web-hosting for low prices!

 Windows servers:
   Only $15.00 (per 1GB transfer or less) per month.
     With one-time set-up fee of $120.00.

 UNIX (Linux) servers:
   Only $20.00 (per 1GB transfer or less) per month.
     With NO set-up fee.

If you're ready for your site to be hosted on a powerful, next-generation hosting server, then contact today to set an appointment!

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