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Web Services

Special Offer

Monthly web-hosting charges

On November 1, 2002, we have made the special offer on this page even better than before!

Be sure to keeping read for more details...

If you

you may now also have your own web-site, hosted by, with the monthly web-hosting FREE OF CHARGE, for the next year. (This is as long as you continue to renew and remain as a TruthBearer MEMBER at the same time, of course.)

The same $15 per month, which a 3-month TruthBearer MEMBER provides to support the ministry, now can "work double", also paying for the $15 monthly web-hosting rate AT THE SAME TIME!

This is just another exciting way in which you can help the Cause, and get "double your money" at the same time!

This special offer is NOT available to anyone who is not a 3-month TruthBearer MEMBER. (Any memberships for lesser time-periods are not applicable to this special offer.) To keep this offer applicable for the next year, a person must renew and remain (without interruption) as a 3-month TruthBearer MEMBER throughout the full year of their web-site being web-hosted by This special offer will become invalidated for any specific 3-month TruthBearer MEMBER, who initially makes good use of this special offer, yet who later does not renew their membership without interruption. This special offer is valid for as long as it is made available and may be discontinued without notice for anyone else who has not yet made good use of this special offer by the time it is so discontinued to be offered.

Here are extra benefits we'll also provide you with this special offer!

  1. If you choose the UNIX (Linux) server for your web hosting, we'll even waive the $5.00 difference in the monthly rate of webhosting, so that your webhosting is still at no extra charge!
  2. If you choose the Windows server for your web hosting, we'll even cut $45.00 OFF the set-up fee for you!
  3. If you do not have a domain name yet, we'll register your chosen domain name (if available) for you for the first year's (only) registration. And we'll do that for you by cutting $15 OFF our regular Domain Registration and management rate! That makes it only $10.00!

Here's how YOU may make good use of this special offer.

  1. Please follow these steps in exact order.
  2. Read and become familiar with all our relevant web-services (particularly, web hosting services).
  3. Become a current 3-month TruthBearer MEMBER (if you have not done so yet).
  4. Contact, to begin the process. (Be sure to provide the details to demonstrate that you are a 3-month TruthBearer MEMBER, that your Membership is current and in good-standing.)

O the advantages of being a TruthBearer MEMBER!

Your Membership now can also pay the monthly charges for you so that you may have your own web-site, web-hosted by, completely FREE OF MONTHLY CHARGES (in normal use)!

If you have any further questions about this, please contact today for more information.

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Your Polygamy WebServices!

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